D.C.Transport rules

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Rules within Dutch Container Transport


1. VTC-rules

• we treat each other with respect
• we follow the rules of Truckersmp while we drive in our convoys
• while we drive convoys we use the D.C.Transport skin
• in game we are nice to other players
• we dont scold each other
• Adverisement will not be tolerated
• when you get a ban, you tell the managing board
• are you within your period of D.C.Transport in another vtc to? then you will be kicked
• dubble vtc's will not be accepted, if you catch someone then the person will be kicked/banned
• do not use the tag ''everyone'' or ''here'' when its unnecessary


2. Convoy-rules

• while planned convoys are happening, only members can use the channel ETS2 Convoy channel
• we follow the rules of Truckersmp
• we dont pass (Unless your D.C.T. Media team)
• we drive 80/90 km/u (50/56 mph)
• before you join the convoy your truck is repaired and refueled
• if you fall behind, tell the convoy leader
• you may bump up your speed when you fall behind (make sure that you go behind the person infront of you safely)
• no cars while in convoys
• when we use trucksbook, make sure that your in the same city before accepting the job
• convoy leader always has the last word, when a job is getting picked everyone in the voice chat must stay quiet



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