Mercedes Formule 1 Convoy 24-01-2021

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Dear Truckers,

In honor of the beautiful Mercedes trucks, we would like to invite everyone to join the convoy.


Most of you will know that Mercedes-Benz plays a good role in Formula 1. They used to be one of the first with racing cars. In Formula 1 they also have a special name: Silberpfeil (Silver Star, Silver Arrow). That is also where the Mercedes-Benz logo comes from. They had the name at the time because during the races of the past the vehicles were not allowed to be heavier than 750 kilos. And guess what, the Mercedes cars were 751 kilos, so 1 kilo too heavy. What did those Germans think then, well they just took off the paint so you could just see the metal, and that's a kind of silver color.

So we only drive for this convoy with different colors than we are used to!


Convoy information:

Date: 24-01-2021
Meeting time: 7:00 PM
Departure time: 19:30
Meeting place: Stuttgart, Mercedes Dealer
Game / Server: Sim 2
DLC: None


Everybody is welcome!

Make sure you are refueled and have no damage.


Kind regards,

Events Management


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