Christmas Event D.C.Transport 2020

Gepubliceerd op 22 oktober 2020 om 01:45

Dear drivers,

Santa has asked us to transport gallons of chocolate milk on the challenging roads of Scandinavia.
This adventure will start in beautiful Bergen where we will drive a nice route to the oh so beautiful Aria in Trellerborg!
From there we load all the chocolate milk into Santa's sleigh and he will take over the candy cane from there.
Santa has also prepared a number of trucks for us with High tex equipment so that we can find Santa on this fantastic adventure!


Convoy information:

Date: 23-12-2020
Meeting time: 7:00 PM
Departure time: 19:30
Meeting place: Bergen, Polar Fish
Final location: Trellerborg, Aria
Game / Server: ETS2, Sim 2
DLC: Scandinavia


Everybody is welcome!

Make sure you are refueled and have no damage.


Kind regards,
The direction


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