Man Heavy load Convoy 21-2-2020

Gepubliceerd op 21 december 2020 om 22:52

Dear truckers,


This time the special convoy is going about the truckmark MAN. We are gonna make a beautifull trip from München to a beautifull Swedish city Uppsala. The reason we starting in München is that MAN trucks are made there, and the color is chosen by München city flag. Most of the time in the Netherlands you see MAN transports dirtwork or heavy machinery, we decide that we are gonna drive with a semi-loader. Do you wanna drive with us? 


Convoy information:


Date: 21-2-2020
Meeting time: 19:15 (Dutch Time)
Departure time: 19:30 (Dutch Time)
Meeting place: München, Garage
End destination: Uppsala
Game/Server: Sim 2
DLC: Scandinavia
Discord: ETS2 Convoy
Configuration: Extra accesoires allowed
Skin: Heavy Duty (DLC)
Truck: MAN TGX (new) 8x4 chassis
Trailer: Long 4 axle semi-loader


Everybody is welcome!

Make sure you are refueled and have no damage.


Kind regards,
Convoy Management

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