Weekly Convoy D.C.Transport 6/01/2021

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Dear drivers,


We got a call from the DAF dealer in Wroclaw that they can no longer repair trucks for us.

This is because BarreNL's engine breaks down quickly and they don't have any engines in stock.

Now the company in Le Mans called Lisette Logistics has offered to send some cargoes with motorcycles to Wroclaw to the company Trameri.

Would you like to help us deliver the bikes to the right place and in a safe way?


Convoy Information:

Date: 06/01/2021
Meeting Time: 14:00 PM (Dutch Time)
Departure Time: 14:15 PM (Dutch Time)
Meeting Place: Le Mans, Hotel

Game/Server: ETS2, SIM1
DLC: France
Discord: ETS2 convoy
Configuration: N.V.T.
Skin: Sunrise, Boredeaux red-white
Truck: Own choice
Trailer: Trucksbook


Everybody is welcome!

Make sure you are refueled and have no damage.


Kind regards,
Convoy Management


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